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Violent Commercials for Wilkins Coffee by Jim Henson [video]

Here's a whole series of dark and funny commercials for Wilkins Coffee made by Jim Henson during the late 1950s and early 1960s featuring the proto-Muppets Wilkins, who liked the coffee, and Wontkins, who didn't care for it. In each of the ten-second commercials, Wilkins does some serious harm to Wontkins, electrocuting him, hitting him [...]

PETA Endorser Audrina Patridge in Carl's Jr. Burger Porn Commercial [video]

What got us about Audrina Patridge's television commercial for the West Coast chain Carl's Jr. isn't that she seductively consumes a fast food sandwich in a manner so sordid that Gawker dubbed the genre "slutburger commercials" (stars of similar campaigns have included Paris Hilton and Padma Lakshmi).
No, it's that Patridge not so long ago made [...]

Every Video from Dos Equis' The Most Interesting Man In the World Ad Campaign [commercials, video]

It takes serious balls to claim you're the most interesting man in the world, but the current Dos Equis spokes-character is trying his darndest. Played by Jonathan Goldsmith and narrated by Frontline's Will Lyman, The Most Interesting Man in the World is an ad campaign featuring a suave 50-60 year-old man who, among other things, [...]

Australian Commercial for Mexican Doritos [video]

This disturbing commercial for Mexican Doritos out of Australia parodies American Beauty, swapping out rose petals for Doritos and Mena Suvari for a fat, bearded Mexican man. Burger King in Spain recently got into a mess of trouble for their Texican Whopper commercial featuring a tiny Mexican luchador — is this a new trend/strategy [...]

Pepsi Throwback Shorts [video]

Here's a series of short retro-themed commercials that Pepsi is running along with shows from the 1970s and '80s on Hulu, in which a Pepsi Throwback can interacts with iconic items from the '70s, including fondue pots, pet rocks, Polaroid cameras, 8-track players, '70s decorative mantelpieces, lava lamps, disco balls, and roller skates.
We loved the [...]

Running Chicken Commercial for Swiss Supermarket Migros [video]

While everyone works themselves into a tizzy over the KFC / Oprah madness, we're just going to watch this charming commercial for the Swiss supermarket Migros, over and over and over.
The title card at the end of the commercial reads "We obtain fresh groceries [food, eatables, etc] every day from organic agriculture."

White Castle's Pig Stripper Commercial for BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders [video]

Here's the commercial for White Castle's BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders featuring a stripper / burlesque dancer dressed in a pig costume that gets doused in barbecue sauce from above as part of the dance routine.
This commercial is kind of a surprising display, referencing plushophilia or furry fetishes as well as wet and messy fetishism [...]

Retro Pepsi Throwback Commercial [video]

Last night we caught the astounding new commercial for Pepsi Throwback, their new soda made with real sugar and not that HFCS everyone's irrationally hating on these days.
The commercial is an exuberant mix of 60s and 70s psychedelia and disco, vintage movie trailers, and television bumpers — oddly, or perhaps fittingly, it seems to be [...]

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