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Gordon Ramsay on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien [video]

Last night, Gordon Ramsay visited The Tonight Show and showed Conan O'Brien how to make Baked Alaska. Conan: "Gordon, I have to say, whenever I hear you're coming on the show, I'm happy, you're a great chef, people love you, you're a terrific guest. But I fear you as well."
Conan is always enthusiastic during cooking [...]

Adam Richman on The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien [video]

Conan: "I'm the villain in like a vegan Western... Your broccoli won't help you now."
Last night, Adam Richman visited The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien to promote the upcoming season of Man v Food. Conan brought out the stunning examples of the enormous food that Richman has tried to eat on his show: a meter-long [...]

Jim Gaffigan Riffs on the Domino's Bread Bowl [video]

Last night on The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien, funnyman Jim Gaffigan riffed on the Domino's Bread Bowl: "I'm on this new diet, that Domino's Pasta Bread Bowl Diet. It's a bread bowl, filled with pasta, covered in cheese. They should have just called it 'You're about to die.'"
Keep watching for the bit on whales: [...]

Andy Richter Tries Bakon Vodka on The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien [video]

Last night on The Tonight Show, Conan O'Brien had Andy Richter try Bakon vodka, a bacon-flavored vodka. Conan's been mocking trendy stuff — see his hilarious anti-celebrity Twitter Tracker segments — and we can only hope that bacon-infused foodstuffs will be his next target.
Conan: "Bacon-flavored vodka sounds a little weird, but then I was thinking, [...]

Patton Oswalt on the Dangers of Becoming "B Word Fat" [video]

Last Friday, the comedian Patton Oswalt was a guest on The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien — you may best know him as the voice of Remy in the movie Ratatouille. Oswalt is a big fan of food and a funny, funny man:
I went to this place called Bazaar [José Andrés restaurant in Los [...]

The Lunch Chart at The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien

Photograph from
We were poking around Conan O'Brien's new website — (The Tonight Show premieres June 1st!) — and we stumbled onto this photo of the lunch places chart. Reads the caption: "Food is the biggest issue here on the lot; we've started keeping a list of lunch places, and if they're good or not!" [...]

Jimmy Fallon Gets the Late Show Giant Plastic Pickle [video]

Conan O'Brien sent Jimmy Fallon a giant plastic pickle, a sort of Late Night torch, along with a letter that read:
The Letterman people sent this pickle to my office in '93 just before I went on the air. They said it's been in their office since the beginning, and that they were passing it on [...]

Conan Visits Martha Stewart - Classic Late Night with Conan O'Brien [video]

Last night, Martha Stewart paid a visit to Late Night in honor of Conan O'Brien's last week of hosting the show. Conan's been running classic pieces from his older shows, and here's a five-minute clip from back in 2002 where he visited Martha's house in Westport, Connecticut to shoot Martha Stewart Living. He poked around [...]

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