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The Beta Cup Challenge to Create Recyclable Coffee Cups

Photograph: Brittany Hardin
It can be a challenge to lug around reusable coffee cups, not to mention clean them and keep track of them. Thus, for many, our morning cup of coffee comes out of a paper cup. After the last lukewarm drops, the cup is tossed into the garbage without so much as a second [...]

Spot Toby Young! (and a Top Chef: The Quickfire Cookbook Giveaway)

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We were working late pulling together a treatise on the theme of baldness in Top Chef (consider! Tom Colicchio, Toby Young, the let's-shave-Marcel's-head-gate of season whatever, Horrible Hosea, other random contestants through the years, etc.) And then it just snowballed from there — Jean-Luc Picard, Bruce Willis, et al — to result in a [...]

Ticket Giveaway: AIGA/NY's 'The Design of Food Presentation'

Photo: Mitch Feinberg

AIGA/NY's The Design of Food Presentation is coming up on Friday, November 20th, 2009, and it's high on our radar. Part of their second annual food-meets-design event, "Today’s Specials," which explores "the visuals behind our favorite victuals," the evening is hosted by erstwhile New York Times dining critic and man-about-town Frank Bruni, and [...]

Our Grant Achatz Caption Contest Winner

We've picked a winner to our Grant Achatz Caption Contest, and it was a really tough decision. In the end, Tom's submission nailed it:
So explain again this "Hot Kartoffel, Cold Kartoffel"
Thanks to everyone who submitted captions — there were some seriously good ones in there. In fact, we were so taken by your awesome responses [...]

Grant Achatz Caption Contest

Grant Achatz posted the above photo to his yfrog account, and it's just calling out to be captioned. We figured it would make for a good contest! Best caption left in the comments wins a slightly-worn copy of the Alinea Cookbook (but still nice enough for regifting! We promise!). Make sure to use your real [...]

Charlie Brooker Really Hates the New Walkers' Crisps Flavors

Where to start with Charlie Brooker's assessment of the six trial flavors of Walkers' crisps on the market in the UK right now? The crisp (ahem, potato chip) brand has launched a contest in which the snack-consuming customer votes on a new flavor, and they've corralled the increasingly media-omnipresent Heston Blumenthal to weigh in as [...]

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