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Wicked Wichcraft: 'wichcraft by Tom Colicchio [cookbook review]

In the world of cookbook publishing, there is something of an unspoken understanding about what sorts of cookbooks don't work. If you'd like to see your name on a book cover, the rule goes, don't pitch a recipe collection centered around any of a few specific topics — breakfast, burgers, and sandwiches. So sayeth the [...]

17th Century Cookbook Scans from the Wellcome Library in London

The Wellcome Library in London announced that they've digitized and uploaded PDFs of its entire collection of 17th century cookbooks, aka "receipt (recipe) books." A quick glance at a few cookbooks reveals lovely hand-written (and somewhat difficult to read) recipes, with olde english spellings and, as expected, obscure names for ingredients and difficult to parse [...]

Big Deals: Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc at Home

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Update: The book is out! Read our review of Ad Hoc at Home.
Not exactly a deal, since (we presume) the contract was struck simultaneously with the one for Bouchon or Under Pressure, but the buzz has finally hit for Thomas Keller's latest, Ad Hoc at Home (pre-order on Amazon). The book is based [...]

Beef: And Other Bovine Matters by John Torode [cookbook review]

Australian-born, UK-based chef John Torode has given the world a surprising thing with Beef: And Other Bovine Matters (buy from Amazon): a truly well-done book of beef recipes. With his cowboy swagger and straight-shooting chattiness, Torode's an obvious candidate for meat writing, but the surprise is that, oh, 10,000 or so years into our love [...]

IACP's Destructively Blind Traditionalism [cookbooks]

Earlier today, we listed this year's winners of the IACP cookbook awards, which were announced on Saturday at an awards ceremony in Denver, Colorado. Eat Me Daily's Books Editor, Helen Rosner, weighs in on how the organization picked the wrong winners, and why that bodes poorly for the future of book publishing.
As an organization, the [...]

Kate Moss is Writing a Cookbook [WTF]

Oh, sure. Best known for her super-skinny frame and gluttonous consumption of drugs, British supermodel Kate Moss is an obvious choice to write a cookbook.
At least, so claims (unreliable, scandalmongering) UK tabloid The Mirror, who say that the headline-grabbing model (favorite food: sushi) was reportedly inspired to start writing her collection of recipes by [...]

The IACP Cookbook Awards: The 2009 Winners

This past weekend, the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) convened in Denver, Colorado to schmooze, gossip, and — perhaps most importantly — announce the winners of their annual awards. Judged by a panel of 36 food and beverage professionals from all over the country and culled from a shortlist of nominees, the awards recognize [...]

Review: Martha Stewart's Cooking School [cookbooks]

Martha Stewart can have an odd effect on people. I've found, strangely, that she's both soporific and manic: she soothes the perfectionist within, allowing me to relax in the notion that it is totally normal to spend an hour making radish roses for a dinner party, or hand painting tea cups for my niece's birthday. [...]

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