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Cooking Mama Responds To PETA

Majesco Entertainment issued a press release in response to PETA's recently released flash game, Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals. Written in a cheery tone on behalf of Mama herself, the press release highlights over 25 vegetarian-friendly recipes in Mama's latest game, Cooking Mama World Kitchen, out this week for the Nintendo Wii. "While Mama is [...]

PETA Cooking Mama Flash Game [blood, gore]

PETA has a knockoff Cooking Mama flash game, Mama Kills Animals, with cutesy blood and guts and gore taking all the fun out of Thanksgiving. Plucking a bird, pulling out the internal organs, sawing the head off of a turkey, Cooking Mama is an angry little lady. After every few minigames, you're shown depressing factoids [...]

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