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Traumatizing Imitation Crab Manufacturing Video

Here's a video from Food Network's Unwrapped that showcases the horrifying industrial manufacturing process behind imitation crab: "Frozen slabs of Surimi... are mixed with starch, egg whites, and crab flavorings. Without the flavoring, mild Surimi has almost no taste at all... Next Surimi paste pumps over to the cook lines, where it extrudes out into [...]

Retro Recipes: Hearty-Har Crab, 1966

All photos by Stephanie Butler
It's time for Retro Recipes! Brought to you from the capable kitchen of Eat Me Daily's Stephanie Butler, each week revisits a preparation from the past that straddles the line between ingenious and absurd. This week: Hearty-Har Crab.
Every once in a while, the thrift store gods look down from their mothball-scented [...]

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