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Angelina Jolie Used Sandra Lee's Recipe for 'No Bake Birthday Cake'

Sandra Lee told People that Angelina Jolie used her recipe for "No Bake Birthday Cake" which involves a store-bought sheet cake, topped with a plain round cake, and then surrounded by pre-made cupcakes and cookies. Said Sandra Lee: "She's a Semi-Homemade mommy just like the rest of us!" Old news, you say! It's from Friday, [...]

The Vegan Double Down Sandwich [crimes against food]

The vegans are jealous of KFC's Double Down Sandwich, the decidedly not vegan-friendly sandwich composed of pepper jack cheese, Swiss cheese, and bacon using two Original Recipe Filets instead of buns. They can't get in on the fun.
So of course some enterprising soul went ahead and made a vegan facsimile using chikn nuggets, tofu "bacon," [...]

Crimes Against Food: The Dessert Pizza at Max Brenner [video]

Sunday night, the Food Network aired the pizza edition of the show The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and we were mortified by what we saw right at the end: Aaron Sanchez praising the dessert pizza at Max Brenner: a monstrosity combining chocolate, marshmallows, candied hazelnuts, and bananas, all on top of pale pre-made pizza [...]

Traumatizing Imitation Crab Manufacturing Video

Here's a video from Food Network's Unwrapped that showcases the horrifying industrial manufacturing process behind imitation crab: "Frozen slabs of Surimi... are mixed with starch, egg whites, and crab flavorings. Without the flavoring, mild Surimi has almost no taste at all... Next Surimi paste pumps over to the cook lines, where it extrudes out into [...]

Sandra Lee's White Chocolate Polenta [wtf video]

All last week, in honor of Valentine's Day, Food Network aired show after show featuring chocolate recipes. Leave it to Sandra Lee to come up with an unfortunate (and lumpy-looking) concoction, a white chocolate polenta. (If you need it, here's the recipe).
We hate to take digs at Sandra Lee (she's too easy of a punching [...]

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