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The Year in Food Blog-to-Book Deals [2009-orama]

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Food blogs have been around for a good decade, at least, and food books have been around, well, pretty much forever, but it seems that it's this year that the dead-tree guys finally started paying serious attention to the smart writers, great photographers, and charming home cooks who happily toiled away on their [...]

Restaurant Girl Danyelle Freeman Out at The Daily News

Widely reviled blogger-turned-restaurant critic Danyelle Freeman, a.k.a. Restaurant Girl, is out at The Daily News. Her reviews were amusing — who else could get away with lines like this: "Each doughy pocket gets plumped with a vivacious mix of four cheeses and spackled with a silky lettuce sauce." Also, don't miss these videos of her [...]

Recession-Proof Baking Tips from Restaurant Girl [wtf]

Times are tough for everyone, including Daily News restaurant reviewers. "Restaurant Girl" Danyelle Freeman, likely doing research for her upcoming tome Gourmet Glossary, has come up with some like, so incredibly brilliant recession-friendly baking ideas, you guys!!!
And they're not actually money-saving ideas, they're just well-known baking tips and a recipe for rice pudding, underneath a [...]

The Chopping Block with Danyelle Freeman as Guest Critic [video]

We interrupt our tropical island hiatus to bring you a moment of OMFGWTF.
Here's the episode seven of Marco Pierre White's ill-fated show The Chopping Block, with (ZOMG) Danyelle Freeman (aka Restaurant Girl) as the guest critic, wearing at first a ridiculously situation-inappropriate strapless cocktail dress, and then a ridiculously situation-inappropriate spaghetti-strap cocktail dress. (Confidential to [...]

Shut Up, Restaurant Girl

Landing Tina Fey for her book that will sell, generously, seven copies? Danyelle Freeman has completely dislocated herself from reality.
We couldn't come to a consensus as to whether or not she's fucking with us with the blatant misspelling on her Twitter bio: "You're guide too the perfect dish." That can't be real, right?
Update: We were [...]

Big Deals: Danyelle Freeman's Gourmet Glossary

Ecco, an imprint of Harper Collins, has bought the North American publishing rights to an upcoming book from Danyelle Freeman (aka Restaurant Girl). Tentatively titled Gourmet Glossary, in its pages she'll "explain everything you need to know about the way we dine today."
Freeman famously clawed her way up the ladder, going from blogging about restaurants [...]

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