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New Trend: The Rabbit In The Moon

Photographs: Urban Daddy and designboom
This cozy gastropub in New York and this set of tableware from Taiwanese designer Hsia-Ying Lin have one thing in common. No, not that I can't afford to partake in either (okay, two things in common), but that they are both inspired by the Asian legend of the rabbit in the [...]

Chair Made Out of Coke Bottles Frozen in Ice [videos]

Here's a video of a chair, which happens to be made out of recycled Coca-Cola bottles, being frozen into a block of ice for a photo shoot. It gives you a little bit of insight into large-scale ice sculpting operations; for example, the giant ice cube, which looks to be about four feet square, takes [...]

Tutti 4-in-1 Measuring Spoon

Photograph via Yanko Design
The simplicity of this design for the Tutti measuring spoon/s, which has 4 different sizes on one individual spoon, is so stupidly obvious that I'm flummoxed as to why I've never seen it before. I say this as someone who considers the ring of measuring spoons one of the most irritating utensils [...]

Kitchen of the Future, 2010 [videos]

Still via Yanko Design
This Kitchen of the Future that designer Michaël Harboun envisions is definitely way cooler than that spinning refrigerator imagined by designers in the 1950s. Harboun has created a design for a kitchen with elastic walls that can turn into whatever you need in order to cook a dish, from a faucet to [...]

Slim Chips Flavored Paper Snacks

More from Milan Design Week: designer Hafsteinn Juliusson introduced a calorie-free snack food made out of flavored paper. The chips, which come in peppermint, blueberry and sweet potato, are, of course, organic. The bag reads: "Instead of getting fat you can now eat paper with flavor. It's like eating tasty air." Welcome to the future, [...]

FoodMarketo: Design and Food [food art]

Photograph: DesignMarketo
FoodMarketo, a joint venture between online design store DesignMarketo and Apartamento Magazine, is a pop-up design store/cooking workshop that will take place during Milan Design Week, April 14-19.
Aside from jam and bread-baking workshops that are free and open to the public, the pop-up store will also contain products commissioned to more than 30 [...]

Artists Design Table Linens at Flat Design

Photograph: Paolo Riolzi / Flat Design
In another addition to the cool-yet-mostly-unusable-designer-product file, Flat Design brings us a line of table linens with embroidered designs from international artists and designers such as Karim Rashid and Martin Saemmer. The designs range from geometric and futuristic to sweet and quirky, and the line includes napkins, tea towels and [...]

Michael Symon's Cook to Live Cookbook Cover: An Unfortunate Compromise

Live to Cook with dust jacket, and without. Photo collage: Eat Me Daily.
"They didn't want recipes with things like pig's head and I didn't want a cookbook with my picture on the cover," Michael Symon told YumSugar about his book Live to Cook (Amazon). "In the end we compromised. My picture is on the cover [...]

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