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Packaging Design Photo Blog: Le Fancy

Photographs via Le Fancy
We're liking the photo blog Le Fancy, a pretty astounding collection of page after page of photographs of packaging design. The site is run by nine friends who all grew up together in New York City, but moved to different cities for college, and wanted a way to keep in touch.
Maggie Prendergast, [...]

Food Sculptures and Photography by Sarah Illenberger

Left: "Sweet Music." Right: "Trendgemuse," Sarah Illenberger for Neon Magazine. Photos by permission.
Sarah Illenberger is a Berlin-based freelance artist with a unique (and heavily food-themed) editorial portfolio whose work appears in newspapers and magazines such as the New York Times Magazine, Neon, and Vanity Fair. Illenberger uses a bevy of real and fabricated food items [...]

Flags Made Out of Food in Advertising for the Sydney International Food Festival

Spotted on Ads of the World was this genius series of advertisements promoting the Sydney International Food Festival in which flags are made out of the countries' iconic foodstuffs. By WHYBIN/TBWA out of Sydney, Australia.
If you know your nations' flags, you should be able to identify them pretty quickly, otherwise just look at the food. [...]

d-Vision's Conceptual Tableware

Photos via d-Vision.
The Israeli d-Vision is an industrial design firm / internship program that has generated some genius work, in particular the tableware in the ouTable collection. Smart and (at times) humorous, the designs shows a deep understanding of the relationship between the natural and the man-made. They say: "Nature is rich not only in [...]

Eggs Printed With Cooking Instructions by Martijn Boskamp [concepts]

Photos via
"How to cook eggs" is a design concept by the Dutch designer Martijn Boskamp in which each egg is individually printed with instructions for different cooking techniques. While certainly helpful for the novice cook, if anything it's a helpful reminder. And way more useful than eggs printed with Disney characters.
Note for the non-Dutch [...]

The Redesign of the Chicken Now Identity

While we're sad to see Cooper Black go, we like the redesign of Chicken Now's logo by DJ Stout (who also did the redesign of Popeye's). Chicken Now is an upstart fast food chain that serves only chicken tenders, grilled or fried, eschewing those pesky bones.

Advertising on Chinese Food Take-Out Containers

Photo: Raphael Brion
The intrusion of advertising on every possible surface is relentless, and more or less inevitable. First it was coffee cups and sleeves, then seat-back trays in airplanes, then pizza boxes, and now even the lowly Chinese food take-out box is a vehicle for companies to pimp their products.
Getting this delivered to my apartment [...]

Orangina Posters by Bernard Villemot

Orangina posters, Bernard Villemot. Left: 1953. Right: 1964. Images via
Commonly referred to as one of the best French artists of the past 50 years, Bernard Villemot (1911-1989) is most recognized for his (now) vintage print advertisements for the likes of the Red Cross, Air France, Bally's shoes, Perrier, and Orangina, the French carbonated citrus [...]

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