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Brooklyn Fare's Packaging and Graphic Design

Photographs: Eat Me Daily

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We're sort of loving Mucca Design's packaging design and cheeky copy for the newly-opened gourmet store Brooklyn Fare. You may already be familiar with Mucca's work — examples include the branding and logo design of Keith McNally's Balthazar and the recent website and logo redesign of MenuPages.
The work for Brooklyn [...]

How to Greenwash Your Packaging

This illustration by Lunchbreath is basically a checklist for corporate greenwashing: Earth tones, sans serif type, unbleached paper, and emotional messaging are essential components of the deceptive marketing techniques employed by corporations that rebrand their products.
We liked the customer benefit: "Be selfish while appearing progressive."
[via Osocio]

The Redesign of the Julie & Julia Book Cover

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Julie & Julia — and here we're talking about the book (buy at Amazon) — has gone from a classy design to, in its new tie-in form, basically a poster for the movie. In fact, the redesigned book cover looks exactly like the poster for the movie. At least they didn't use the [...]

Photographs by Kevin Van Aelst [food art]

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Kevin Van Aelst, contributing photographer to the New York Times Magazine, uses "common artifacts and scenes from everyday life, which have been rearranged, assembled, and constructed into various forms, patterns, and illustrations."
Open-face Oreo cookies are shifted to resemble a yin yang sign, meticulously cut crackers are used to show world time clocks, finger [...]

Deliscript Typeface

The MyFonts blog tipped us off to Deliscript, a new typeface by Michael Doret inspired by the neon signage of Canter's Deli in Los Angeles.
The fourteen fonts (that come in an alternative set of two enormous OpenType faces) in the family are packed with features, from variable-length tails, lowercase t crossbars that can be extended [...]

Typeface Made From Splashing Milk

This typographical poster by Jónas Valtýsson uses a typeface created by photographing splashing milk. Lactose intolerant typesetters beware. [via Cakehead Loves Evil]

Eat Love: Food Concepts by Eating-Designer Marije Vogelzang [book review]

Photograph: Raphael Brion / Eat Me Daily
Eat Love: Food Concepts by Eating-Designer Marije Vogelzang (buy at Amazon) was released yesterday by BIS Publishers, a monograph collecting the food-based projects by Marije Vogelzang and her design firm Proef. Her work is conceptual food — and while the medium is purposefully edible, it's meant to be [...]

Wearable Restaurants: AvroKO Turns to Fashion Design

Design collective AvroKO, best known for their work designing restaurants like NYC's Public, Stanton Social, and Quality Meats, like to have their hand on everything. Their tip-to-toe approach to restaurant design extends from the wall treatments to typeface design to bathroom hand towels — so it's no surprise to hear that they're branching out into [...]

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