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Integrated Countertop Staircase

Apartment Therapy ran some photos of a kitchen in Victoria, Australia that has a staircase incorporated into the countertop. Or is it a countertop incorporated into the staircase? Either way, it simultaneously gives us flashbacks to the exhilaration of climbing on the countertop as a child, and a creepy-crawly fear of getting shoe-dirt into our [...]

Brass-Plated Coke Can Top Necklace

If you really do have one or too many cans lying around, you should try your luck making and selling these necklaces to your fellow badgeholders. Just released this week in Japan, a brass can top on a ball chain from the brand Phenomenon is selling for 15,540 yen, or $161. Has the implication you [...]

Parodies of Pepsi's 'Refresh Everything' Ad Campaign [food art]

Here are some dark, funny, and brilliant parodies of Pepsi's "Refresh Everything" ad campaign by Brooklyn-based artist Trevor Bittinger. Sort of inevitable, really, but some of these are totally spot-on, in a culture-jamming Adbusters kind of way — particularly the one above that's refashioned into an ad for Coke. See the whole set over at [...]

Vintage Cereal T-Shirts from General Mills

As part of the month-long exclusive with Target for vintage cereal box designs, General Mills is also giving away retro T-shirts. All you need to do is enter the codes from five proof-of-purchase labels at and you get a free shirt.
Alternatively, you can just buy a T-shirt on that website for only five bucks! [...]

General Mills Reissuing Vintage Cereal Box Designs

Hot on the heels of PepsiCo's appeal to nostalgia, General Mills has been quietly reissuing vintage cereal box designs for Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Trix, Kix, Wheaties, and Golden Grahams. We hadn't realized how insidiously the boxes of our favorite breakfast products had been visually busying themselves up — these clean, colorblock [...]

'Eat, Drink and Be Messy' Tea Towel by Marc&Anna

We loved the "Eat, Drink and Be Messy" tea towel by the graphic design consultancy MARC&ANNA:
Our present for Christmas 2008 was something practical – a tea towel for mopping up all of those inevitable spillages.
If only it were available for sale. [via]

MoMA Design Store's Destination Seoul Collection

The MoMA Design Store's latest collection, Destination Seoul, features exclusive lifestyle products from Korean designers. Included in the collection are a Bird and Cloud Salt and Pepper Shakers ($38); a Sandwich Sponge ($10), a sponge designed and packaged to resemble a piece of bread; the Spoon and Chopsticks Napkin Set ($3), featuring place markings for [...]

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Packaging Design

Today, Starbucks introduced their VIA Ready Brew, or what they're calling "a breakthrough in instant coffee," $20 for 24 single-serve packets. What we liked most was the packaging: the box is cut out to evoke the shape of a paper coffee cup.

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