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DWR Gets Really Excited About A Salt Shaker

In their most recent Design Notes newsletter, the folks at Design Within Reach wax seriously poetic about a salt shaker.
Wietlisbach’s story (you knew there had to be a story) begins in 1997, when he was traveling around New Zealand. Among his backpacking gear was a stash of salt, which he kept in a 35mm film [...]

The Toast Font, by Radomir Tinkov

[Behance, via]

Truvia Packaging by Pentagram [design]

The design firm Pentagram blogs about their new packaging for Truvia, the new natural, no-calorie sweetener derived from the leaves of the stevia plant. Designed by Paula Scher and Daniel Weil, the brand identity is a marked contrast from established rivals Equal, NutraSweet, and Sweet ‘N Low. Lovely. [via]

'Secret Habit' T-Shirt by Glennz [stuff we like]

We totally like the illustrations by Glennz, particularly the Secret Habit t-shirt (above). Also of note is Organized Food Fight featuring giant foodstuffs engaged in gang warfare, Endangered Species, a cross-section of a fish revealing pre-made sushi, and Go For Launch, a Space Shuttle being propelled into outer space with Mentos and Diet Coke. [...]

Edible Pillows [stuff we like]

Okay, not actually edible. But if you've ever had dreams of a chocolate-themed throw pillow, but didn't want to give in to the siren call of embroidered Cathyisms, these pillows from Bonjour Mon Coussin are the sofa decor object for you. Some of the pillows have the option to be scented with chocolate, strawberry, or [...]

Edible Christmas Cards

The Mail Online reports on these eco-friendly, edible Christmas cards by the graphic design agency Oxygen Creative. They're made out of potato starch and even signed in edible ink. [via]

A Day at El Bulli by Ferran Adria: Two Books in One [review]

A Day at El Bulli (buy at Amazon) covers a single day at the Spanish restaurant El Bulli, from sunrise over the Costa Brava through the last staff member's departure in the wee hours. Visually, it's striking — each of the over 500 pages has a timestamp, the photo-heavy pages have a soothing weight, and [...]

Shibari Teapot Makes Us Think

"The Slave Betty," a teapot wrapped in traditional Japanese shibari (sexual rope bondage) intrigues me. According to NotCot, the shibari renders the object "suspended for its master and made available for all to enjoy."

When you consider it from a sexual perspective, the ideas of ownership and public enjoyment run a little creepy niche, but it [...]

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