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ReadyMade's 2010 Food Section ADHD Edition

Craft/DIY magazine, ReadyMade, has finally come out with its first-ever special food section. And — surprise! — it is chock full of ridiculous project-recipes, such as cultivating your own honey and fermenting your own apple cider vinegar for honey-vinegar braised chicken, or foraging for wild greens for a salad.
ReadyMade is its own kind [...]

Jam Packed: Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It by Karen Solomon [book review]

The title of Karen Solomon's wonderful Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It: And Other Cooking Projects (Ten Speed Press; buy on Amazon) is a little bit of a misnomer. While the projects outlined here are edible, and mostly require being in the kitchen, the recipes she presents are "cooking projects" the same way that quarrying [...]

Eco-Friendly Gingerbread House [stupid]

For serious? Really? Is this actually a thing? Green architect Michelle Kaufman honestly suggests that, since it is the holiday season and all, we make eco-friendly gingerbread houses.
Aside from being a fun and delicious holiday activity, this project is an excellent way to teach kids about the ideas of sustainability and green living. It’s never [...]

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