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Trailer for the Documentary Tapped [video]

Here's the trailer for the documentary Tapped (warning: window-resizing website), a film about the multi-billion dollar bottled water industry and its effect on "climate change, pollution, health and our reliance on oil." Kind of like the Food, Inc. of bottled water, the film goes into terrifying detail about the highly unregulated industry that supplies 29 [...]

June is Food Documentary Month: End of the Line, Food, Inc., Fresh, the NYC Food Film Festival

Forget summer action blockbusters, nothing beats the heat like a food documentary, and three of them are headed your way in June:

End of the Line, about the perils of overfishing, opens June 19th in New York City and Los Angeles (June 8th in the UK), and then spreads out from there.
Food, Inc., about the dangers [...]

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