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Minds+Machines Sues Wolfgang Puck and His Wife for $5 Million Over Failed .food Deal


Oh this is pretty epic: TLD consulting firm Minds+Machines, Top Level Domain Holdings, and Frederick R Krueger, an investor, are suing Wolfgang Puck and his wife over the failed .food domain deal. We were down on the .food top-level domain from the beginning, calling it "a shameless money grab." But now the deal has [...]

Wolfgang Puck's .food Domain Name Money Grab [The Internet]


Wolfgang Puck is in Australia lobbying ICANN (the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers) to register ".food" as a new TLD (top-level domain) — think websites addresses like "".
We call it like we see it: this is a shameless money grab. We don't think the world needs more TLDs, nor do we think [...]

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