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Edible Doughnut Installation: Jennifer Rubell's 'Old-Fashioned' at Art Basel Miami Beach

"Old-Fashioned," Jennifer Rubell. Photographs: Elizabeth Jones / Eat Me Daily
Jennifer Rubell, who hosts an annual breakfast at Art Basel Miami Beach, presented the edible installation "Old-Fashioned," with 1,521 donuts hung in a grid formation on an 8-foot by 60-foot wall that visually evolves as people drop by and consume them. Using doughnuts of the same [...]

Comparative Advertising, Mmm Mmm MSG

The New York Times reports on the recent phenomenon of "comparative advertising": aggressive ads wherein brands attack their competitors by name. It's the Pepsi Challenge all over again, but with soup and coffee instead of two near-indistinguishable colas.
The Campbell Soup Company is calling out Progresso chicken noodle soup for having MSG, and Dunkin' Donuts [...]

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