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EMD Co-Founding Editor Raphael Brion Now Editor at Eater National

Today is a bittersweet day here at Eat Me Daily, as our one-time fearless leader Raphael Brion has moved on to the greener pastures of Eater National, where he will preside as editor. Eat Me Daily would not be what it is today without his hard work, and we hope he does similarly fantastic things [...]

Actually No, Jennifer Aniston Is Not Working on a Cookbook

We had a twinge of déjà vu upon reading Eater's post declaring that Jennifer Aniston is authoring a "series" of cookbooks with Jamie Oliver. Some quick Googling revealed why: Eater's news source is a Yahoo India story dated December 7th, but it's a a nearly word-for-word rerun of a National Enquirer (Ireland) story from back [...]

Eater Leviathan Emerges; Wondrous and Terrifying to Behold

Oh, hey, Eater National launched today.
And already controversy! In a bald-faced attempt to antagonize basically every amateur food blogger out there, the new national mega-site offered $25 "to any food blogger who will agree to shut his or her food blog down" and "cease all publication of foodie rambling, blabbering, and drooling over ridiculously mundane [...]

Eater Poised to Spread Its Tentacles All Over North America

It looks like Eater is planning to throw its hat into the national food blog ring after issuing an open call for bloggers and photographers for a "top secret project" encompassing 20 additional cities throughout the U.S. and Canada (the blog is already a presence in LA, SF, and NYC).
Eater's implied national [international! – ed.] [...]

Eater's Coverage of Bruniocalypse

Props to Eater for yesterday's coverage of Frank Bruni's impending departure as the New York Times restaurant critic, or, as they're calling it, the "Bruniocalypse."
In contrast to the generic "here's the news, what do you think?" sort of post, Eater's coverage has been, by far, the most comprehensive — from tracking reactions on the [...]

Evicted Owner Takes Sledgehammer to Restaurant

After being evicted, the owner of Isabella's Oven, a pizzeria in New York City, took a sledgehammer to the restaurant, destroying "fittings, plumbing, ductwork, plus partial demolition of the patio," with bonus "threatening and derogatory graffiti." Eater has a horrific slideshow of the destruction.

Le Bernardin's Table Chart

Photo credit: Daniel Krieger/
Eater has a great photoset of Le Bernardin's organizational table chart to keep track of the courses and pace of the dining room. Says Eric Ripert:
The reason we do that is that sometimes we have 20 tables at the same time and the chef doesn't hear everything. I have seen this in [...]

Eater Starts 'Hottest Chef in New York' Competition, Iuzzini Out of the Running

The Hottest Chef in New York competition started yesterday. It's gonna be fun to watch:
A special panel of experts (women) have ranked all nominated chefs and in standard sporting fashion, the top seeds will face off against the bottom until we have a final list of contenders.
And damn! Johnny Iuzzini, who last year was selected [...]

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