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Eater Suspends Deathwatch [update]

Eater says:
[W]e haven't seen times as bad as these, if evidenced only by prime time spot checks across town, in the restaurant business in many years. Notable restaurateurs are seeing funding for new projects dry up, the most seasoned guys in town are preparing to close underperformers, and instances of vendor check bouncing are skyrocketing. [...]

Eater Chicago Stalled

Economic difficulties hit the blogs: Time Out Chicago reports that the launch of Eater Chicago has been "pushed off, seemingly indefinitely."
"2008 has been a frustrating year for us in Chicago, no question," Curbed/Eater editorial director Ben Leventhal wrote in an email. "Hopefully we’ll have a better story to tell in 2009."

Time Out New York's Kitchen Report 2008

40 chefs anonymously responded to Time Out's survey for their 2008 Kitchen Report. There's lots of trash talk, Chang-hating, and dirty words! Some excerpts:
How often do you post comments on blogs and food-related message boards?
71% said never. However, a few chefs admitted to the occasional glance (and deep thought): “I do read them to watch [...]

An Evaluation of Eater's BruniBetting [charts]

The New York Times' Frank Bruni is a tough nut to crack. He often writes restaurant reviews that read like two- or even three-star reviews, but awards only one star. Or, conversely, he writes a somewhat harsh review but awards two stars. This nebulous, contradictory nature of the reviews makes it difficult to anticipate how [...]

The Flushing Mall Food Court's Vomiting Area

At the Flushing Mall food court. Photo by Pabo76. [via Eater]

'Is There a Chance for Top Farmer?'

Eater interviews Tim Stark, "NYC's reining authority on the subject of heirloom tomatoes."

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