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Wait Times Down at Corporate Casual Dining Chains [crisis]

The global economic collapse continues apace: it's not just your local eateries that are hurting, but the big corporate restaurant chains are having a tough time, too! The Nation's Restaurant News reports that the amount of time customers waited prior to being seated is down in most chains:
To create the study, Wachovia analysts track the [...]

Gold Diggers: Victims of the Global Economic Meltdown

The New York Post's Page Six Magazine runs a piece on the economic meltdown impacting Manhattan's gold diggers — "ladies of little means and big ambitions":
Stacey Lalljee, a raven-haired IT engineer at AT&T, is single but shouldn't be. At any other time, in fact, she wouldn't be. The 31-year-old, who boasts of dating a well-known [...]

Observer UK Ponders if the Economic Downturn Will "Kill the Foodie Dream"

It's not just restaurants that going under in the UK. Tim Hayward writes for the Observer:
In the past few months the foodie media have adopted a new tone: a kind of guilty nervousness... there's also an uncomfortable realisation that much of what we have come to regard as a kind of 'foodie establishment' developed in [...]

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