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Food Sculptures and Photography by Sarah Illenberger

Left: "Sweet Music." Right: "Trendgemuse," Sarah Illenberger for Neon Magazine. Photos by permission.
Sarah Illenberger is a Berlin-based freelance artist with a unique (and heavily food-themed) editorial portfolio whose work appears in newspapers and magazines such as the New York Times Magazine, Neon, and Vanity Fair. Illenberger uses a bevy of real and fabricated food items [...]

Photographs by Kevin Van Aelst [food art]

Photograph from
Kevin Van Aelst, contributing photographer to the New York Times Magazine, uses "common artifacts and scenes from everyday life, which have been rearranged, assembled, and constructed into various forms, patterns, and illustrations."
Open-face Oreo cookies are shifted to resemble a yin yang sign, meticulously cut crackers are used to show world time clocks, finger [...]

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