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Johnny Carson and Dom DeLuise Egg Fight [video]

In honor of Sunday's holiday, we thought we'd share a video that would delight both vigilant observers and those who couldn't care less. In this video, a very young Dom DeLuise goes on The Tonight Show to perform a magic trick involving eggs. Turns out, the yolk's on him. (Sorry, we had to.) Video below.

Eggs Printed With Cooking Instructions by Martijn Boskamp [concepts]

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"How to cook eggs" is a design concept by the Dutch designer Martijn Boskamp in which each egg is individually printed with instructions for different cooking techniques. While certainly helpful for the novice cook, if anything it's a helpful reminder. And way more useful than eggs printed with Disney characters.
Note for the non-Dutch [...]

What, Exactly, Is a Hangtown Fry?

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In last week's San Francisco episode of No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain visited the Tadich Grill to eat a hangtown fry, a dish he called "an abomination against God and civilization." What, exactly, is a hangtown fry? Put simply: it's an omelette that includes bacon and oysters, with an origin story with one of [...]

Dominic Wilcox's Genetically Modified Egg

Self-professed "ideas man" Dominic Wilcox has this great concept, Genetically Modified Egg Improvement Design, that takes "nature to new heights" by imagining an egg with its own built in egg cup. Wilcox asks and answers: "What came first the egg cup or the egg? In this case both."

Pre-Hard-Boiled Peeled Eggs in the UK

It's nothing new in the US, but the shelled and pre-hard-boiled eggs from the Happy Egg Company have adorably outraged the British press: The Times wrote: "It makes you weep." The Guardian blogged: "Does anything else so epitomise the indolent sloth, the splattered-shirted, fat-arsed torpor of modern living?" going so far as issuing a call [...]

Aria Giovanni in Food Porn for Bizarre Magazine

Aria Giovanni, nude model and Penthouse Pet, did this bright and colorful but totally NSFW photo series for the June issue of UK-based Bizarre Magazine in which she's alternately straddling exploding Diet Coke bottles, wrapped in Parma ham, and most oddly, covered in beans. Beans, really? The English sure have some weird perversions.
To give the [...]

All Your Eggs by Andy Yoder [food art]

"All Your Eggs," Andy Yoder, 2009
Compound Editions announced the sale of new art piece All Your Eggs by Vermont-based sculptor Andy Yoder. Yoder is known for making everyday objects out of unexpected materials, such as pretzels made out of lead crystal, shoes made out of licorice, and life preservers made out of a clear resin [...]

The Cover of Yeah Yeah Yeahs' New Album It's Blitz! [food art]

Behold the cover of the third album by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, It's Blitz!, out April 14. [via]

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