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Disney Eggs Commercial [video]

No, the eggs don't come out looking like Mickey Mouse ears (although that would be neat) — to achieve that, you'd need a mold. But Disney Eggs are really just regular eggs with Disney characters printed on them, with bonus healthy additives like Omega-3 to make them extra-nutritious. Disney is using its characters to sell [...]

Egg Carton States the Obvious

In Britain, the Happy Egg Company’s carton of eggs — which is decorated with a picture of an egg and a cartoon chicken mascot — contains the message "Allergy Advice: Contains egg" inside the lid of the boxes, reports The Daily Mail.
The Happy Egg Company admitted it had chosen to print the advice of [...]

BANANAS by Sara Greenberger Rafferty at The Kitchen in New York City [food art]

Sara Greenberger Rafferty, 'Panning (Done Eggs)' 2009, Synthetic polymer clay, latex, acrylic, nails
Currently on display at The Kitchen, the performing arts and exhibition space in New York City, is BANANAS, an installation composed of sculpture, silkscreens, and photography by Sara Greenberger Rafferty. The show features two large-scale sculptural works, Panning (Done Eggs) and Panning (Toasting [...]

Observer UK Investigates Rising Food Prices

Alex Renton, in the The Observer Food Monthly, investates the rising price of eggs, "up by 35-39 per cent on the past 18 months," and finds that it's not the farmers and not the supermarkets - it's the middlemen:
The job: investigate the allegation that supermarkets have been taking advantage of the global food-price rises to [...]

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