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Matt Groening's Drawing of Ferran Adrià for the Cover of elBulli: Food for Thought, Thought for Food

Photograph via
Wallpaper* magazine has a writeup and nice slideshow of elBulli: Food for Thought: Thought for Food (preorder on Amazon).
The book looks more or less like the recent A Day at El Bulli (read our review), right down to the iconography listing. But what got us was the cover: Ferran Adrià's mug illustrated by [...]

A Day at El Bulli by Ferran Adria: Two Books in One [review]

A Day at El Bulli (buy at Amazon) covers a single day at the Spanish restaurant El Bulli, from sunrise over the Costa Brava through the last staff member's departure in the wee hours. Visually, it's striking — each of the over 500 pages has a timestamp, the photo-heavy pages have a soothing weight, and [...]

A Day at El Bulli Isn't for Everyone

A very helpful, 3-star rated user review on Amazon for Ferran Adrià's A Day at el Bulli:
Since I am not a fan of molecular gastronomy, I have no idea if these recipes are useful and no desire to try them to find out.
Earlier on Eat me daily:

Ferran Adria: For the Price, Nobody Can Make a [...]

Rejection Email from El Bulli

Surprise: I got rejected trying to secure a reservation at El Bulli, the restaurant that only takes 2,000 reservations a year. I figured it wouldn't hurt to email back, explaining why I really wanted to go, maybe hoping for a cancellation, and again, I got rejected. In poor form, they don't have any English writers [...]

El Bulli Plans Ahead

There's not much improvisation at El Bulli when it comes to family meal, reports Gourmet:
The word that comes to mind is “obsession” when I learn that already—this is only September, 2008—the menu for every single staff meal to be served during El Bulli’s six-month season in 2009 has been planned.

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