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2010 Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling Canceled

Photograph by Matt Cardy / Getty Images
This is ridiculous. The UK's annual Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling—in which a wheel of cheese is hurled down a large hill and a bunch of yahoos chase after it, inevitably hurting themselves in the process—has been canceled due to safety concerns. Not for the participants, who are somewhat delightfully deranged [...]

Fire & Knives: Print, Resurgent

Fire & Knives. Photograph: Raphael Brion/Eat Me Daily
We recently received issue number one of Fire & Knives, a new print quarterly of "new writing about food" out of the UK. In their own words: "We give established writers a place for work that would not be published elsewhere; new writers a place to show [...]

London Skyline Recreated With Fruit and Vegetables

Back in November, Carl Warner (responsible for many of the foodscape photographs you may have come across) was commissioned by the Good Food channel in the UK to make an edible version of the London skyline. The Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral, and the Gherkin all get the [...]

Limited-Edition Celebrity-Designed Stoves in the UK

As part of the AGA-Rangemaster Group’s Great British Cooker campaign, four celebrities were invited to add their own designs to ovens. From left to right: the Cupcake Rangemaster by Natasha Hamilton (the singer from Atomic Kitten), the Tartan Falcon by chef Nick Nairn, the Patchwork Rayburn by Eco Designer Oliver Heath, and the Polka Dot [...]

'There's a McDonald's for Everyone' Parody Commercials

McDonald's in the UK is running these "McDonald's for Everyone" commercials describing their customers with the cutesy turn-of-phrase "just passing by." The commercial is a ripoff (or homage, your pick) of the Rolf Harris song "The Court of King Caractacus," itself a reworking of a boy scout's campfire song.
Alright. Enter the British comedian/musician Chris Cohen, [...]

Scary Anthropomorphic Foods Promote the British Food Standards Agency

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These series of short promos for the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in England show healthy foodstuffs talking with their unhealthy counterparts, ostensibly to promote Family Supercooks, a program about eating healthily.
For example, a dried apricot talks trash with a regular apricot, telling him, "You've got a face like [...]

Gordon Ramsay's Sexy New Appliances from Argos

Photos via Telegraph
Gordon Ramsay's new line of appliances by Argos are just so damned sexy: rugged, handsome, brushed stainless steel. Maybe it's the well-executed product photography that's deceiving us, but they look heavy. And expensive.
And that's because they are! At £89.99 (~$143) for the sandwich griddle. £149.99 (~$238) for the mini oven, £199.99 (~$317) for [...]

Video Tribute to Keith Floyd, UK Celebrity Chef

This time last week, our world was adrift, bereft of a true original. Keith Floyd — the inimitable — was dead. Having passed away as a result of a heart attack (not surprising, really), the televised world of cooking had at last, lost its most irreplaceable artifact.
Floyd enjoyed as he might have put it, rip-roaring [...]

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