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UK Blog: Notes From a Hospital Bed

Here's a fun read: Notes From a Hospital Bed, written by someone with the pseudonym "Traction Man," a freelance journalist forced to spend months in an NHS Hospital bed after being "struck down by a bone and flesh-eating bug." (For those who do not know, the NHS, or the National Health Service, is the publicly-funded [...]

The Food Proclamations of Queen Elizabeth I

Left: Proclamations. 1576-12-14. London, 1576. via Right: The Armada Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, attributed to George Gower, c.1588-89.
Queen Elizabeth I (1533–1603) has been a leading lady throughout the ages. The daughter of divorce-happy Henry VIII has been written about at length; she has inspired movies, plays, and artwork; and her strict politics [...]

2009 Royal Ascot Hats [food fashion]

Ladies' Day at the 2009 Royal Ascot is a fashion show and hat spectacular. Every year there are food hats galore, and this year was no different.

British Parliament Food Expenses Exposed! [scandals]

So apparently this is a big deal in the UK: A year ago the High Court ordered the release of expense reports of British Parliament members. Back in May, The Daily Telegraph got their hands on the database before it was released by buying a disc from a mole, and the paper ran story after [...]

Royal Ascot Hats [food fashion]

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images
The Royal Ascot is one of the important events on the British social calendar — there's royalty and horse-racing involved! — and the fashion parade on Ladies' Day, traditionally Thursday, is when the spectacle of hats occurs. According to the Royal Ascot dress code, "hats or a substantial fascinator must be worn [...]

Anti-Stab Knives for the UK

Photograph from
What the UK lacks in gun crime, they sure do make up with knives! (Apparently 30% of murders in the UK are committed with pointy bits of metal.) So what's a knife-inclined industrial designer to do? Make some non-stabby knives, of course, which is exactly what John Cornock did. After watching a BBC [...]

The 2009 Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake [video]

Photograph from
The Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake is an annual event held near Gloucester, England — this year's was Monday, May 25th. Following long-running tradition, an eight pound (3.5 kg) round of Double Gloucester Cheese is given a one second head start, and competitors race down the hill to ostensibly catch the cheese [...]

Google Street View Protects Colonel Sanders' Privacy in the UK

Sometimes facial-recognition software works too well: The Register tipped us off to this great find: Google Street View protecting Colonel Sanders' privacy in the UK.

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