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17th Century Cookbook Scans from the Wellcome Library in London

The Wellcome Library in London announced that they've digitized and uploaded PDFs of its entire collection of 17th century cookbooks, aka "receipt (recipe) books." A quick glance at a few cookbooks reveals lovely hand-written (and somewhat difficult to read) recipes, with olde english spellings and, as expected, obscure names for ingredients and difficult to parse [...]

Flooded McDonald's by Superflex at the South London Gallery [video, food art]

Currently on display at the South London Gallery (website) is Flooded McDonald's, a new film work by Danish collective Superflex. In the film, a McDonald's restaurant slowly floods with water, "furniture is lifted up by the water, trays of food and drinks start to float around, electrics short circuit and eventually the space becomes completely [...]

London Shop Fronts Blog

We're really digging the London Shop Fronts tumblog.

Genetically Modified Food to Be Grown in Secret Locations in the UK

The Telegraph UK reports:
There are currently no GM food trials underway in the country and the more than 50 that have been conducted since 2000 have been affected by vandalism. Opponents of GM benefit from current rules, which dictate that all trials must be disclosed on a Government website.
However, a review of security arrangements for [...]

UK Restaurants, Set to Go Under

The credit crunch / economic turmoil hitting the US is also affecting the dining scene in the UK. Witness: Michelin-starred Tom Aikens' two restaurants went under, screwing their suppliers out of money owed. Jay Rayner, writing in the Guardian UK, fears for the UK's restaurant industry:
There is a new smell emanating from the heart of [...]

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