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Epicurious's 2008 Food Predictions, Revisited

Photograph by NYCArthur
Everyone's all buzz buzz buzz about Epicurious's food predictions for 2009. Screw that. How well did the team do a year ago, when they predicted what 2008 would bring?
1. Speed: Forget drive-ins, people will order and pay for food with their mobile phones.
2. Niche dining: Very specific focus food outlets such as ceviche [...]

CondeNet Slimming Down [Layoffs at Epicurious]

CondeNet, the web arm of Conde Nast, is slashing staff. From the official statement:
Visibility for 2009 is very limited and we are adjusting all costs to prepare for slower revenue growth. The adjustments are across the board and include staff restructuring and some reduction.
"Across the board" includes Epicurious. Holding my breath...

No Humility

Epicurious' Epi-Log blogs about itself introducing a newer, better search feature: The World's Best Food Site Just Got Better

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