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The Best Cookbooks of the Decade [goodbye aughties]

While 2009 was full of spectacular cookbooks, the rest of the decade hasn't been too shabby either. With How to Cook Everything (published in 1998) and French Laundry (1999) completely changing the game for home and restaurant cookbooks alike, the next few years were already set up for greatness. Through the hundreds and hundreds of [...]

Alan Richman Takes Eric Ripert to Costco

In what he hopes is "the first installment of the next great cooking show," Alan Richman made the video "Avec Alan" over at GQ. Riffing on Avec Eric, Richman takes Eric Ripert to Costco, a place that "epitomizes what Westchester dining is all about." Ripert, of course, is "freaked out" and depressed: "In that store, [...]

Lamb Neck: The Hottest Cut Of Meat This Week

In an uncanny synchronicity, both Gourmet's Adventures with Ruth and Avec Eric featured lamb neck as a star protein. The new hotness! In the premiere of Adventures with Ruth, Ruth Reichl and Frances McDormand visited Blackberry Farms, and they made barbecued lamb neck (quibble: the online recipe omits the grilling step, simply calling it "Ten-Hour [...]

Eric Ripert Hearts Processed Cheese

In the Newsweek piece about Eric Ripert's new television series Avec Eric, "Finally, a Highbrow Cooking Show," an important detail is revealed about Le Bernardin: the sous chefs use a kind of processed cheese to find a common reference point with their palates:
But he could talk forever about... how he gets the sauces at Le [...]

Eric Ripert Is the Most Interesting Man in the World, Part II

In episode two of Avec Eric, "Star Ingredients," Eric Ripert lends further credence to our hypothesis from our review of episode one that he is, in fact, the most interesting man in the world. Ripert is seen at the cliffs on the Pacific at Los Gatos, California, walking right by a sign that reads "SHEER [...]

Avec Eric Episode One: 'Big Flavor' [review, video]

Sunday afternoon public television aired the premiere episode of Avec Eric, a "creative journey" with famed chef Eric Ripert. It's clear he's trying to break from the stereotype of being the "fish guy" — there wasn't even a single fish in the entire episode. And we can't be 100% sure of it, but we'd hazard [...]

Le Bernardin's Table Chart

Photo credit: Daniel Krieger/
Eater has a great photoset of Le Bernardin's organizational table chart to keep track of the courses and pace of the dining room. Says Eric Ripert:
The reason we do that is that sometimes we have 20 tables at the same time and the chef doesn't hear everything. I have seen this in [...]

Nothing Fishy: Eric Ripert's On the Line [cookbook review]

While I was reading On the Line (buy at Amazon), the semi-new cookbook/scrapbook from Le Bernardin's Eric Ripert, I kept saying to whoever was sitting near me how uncannily similar it is is to another book I've reviewed for Eat me daily: Ferran Adria's A Day at El Bulli.
I should clarify. The review I [...]

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