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Eat Like A Man, But Don't Get Fat

Photograph: Melissa Maples
On the heels of Esquire's meat and chili-filled "Eat Like a Man" section comes this story by Zach Weisberg about how obese people face job discrimination, and how some companies are offering incentives for employees to slim down.
Practicing outright fat discrimination is deplorable no matter who you are, but this can be [...]

Esquire's 2010 'Eat Like a Man Issue,' ADHD Edition

In Esquire's April issue (subscribe), sandwiched between a March Madness bracket of hot women and pictures of Amanda Seyfried in a lace body stocking, is their annual "Eat Like A Man" section. The largely print-only 10-page boob-diversion is filled with manly fawning over steak and bacon, and judicious use of the word piss. The only [...]

Esquire's 'Eat Like A Man' ADHD Edition

The September issue of Esquire magazine hit the shelves recently, and while normally this would go unnoticed here, this particular issue has a large food-related feature, subtlety titled, "How To Eat Like A Man Now." We don't know much about Esquire readers in 2009, and had been under the impression that they were a [...]

Mary-Louise Parker Naked Save for an Apron, Baking a Pie

Here's a somewhat NSFW photo set of Mary-Louise Parker in the August 2009 issue of Esquire of her working dough in lingerie and holding a finished pie naked, save for an apron. One might ask: Why is she baking a pie naked?
Well, there just so happens that the article has an attached recipe in [...]

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