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Bacon Christmas Tree Postcards

Mike Geno (previously interviewed here on EMD) is selling 4x6" postcards with a Christmas tree made out of strips of bacon (a "Bacon Tree") that reads, "May your holiday be wrapped in goodness," and I've got this to say about it: Bacon tastes good. It also smells pretty good, and even makes delightful noises when [...]

Cupcake Dress 'With Sprinkles and a Cherry on Top'

Some might argue that this is in fact not a dress, but instead a tunic, shirt, or blouse. But someone, somewhere, is paying a woman to live out this cupcake fetish. $175 on Etsy.

Prints by Working Woman on Etsy

We're liking the "Kitchen Art" series of colored pencil and watercolor prints by Working Woman on Etsy, pieces "originally done as illustrations for food columns in a daily newspaper." Above: "Sliced Cucumbers" and "Cookie Monster," both $35.00. Some more of our favorites:

Anthony Bourdain Lunch Bag

Sam Morrison sells a variety of illustrated lunch bags on his Etsy shop, including these lunch bags featuring the mug of that rascal Anthony Bourdain. 5 for $3.49.
Morrison even goes old school and literary, making lunch bags with illustrations of and quotes by Edgar Allen Poe, TS Eliot, Robert Frost, and Henry David Thoreau.
The Lost-inspired [...]

Morbid Cat Toys

We're loving the morbid cat toys from Spell Well on Etsy, featuring decapitated animals with their guts hanging out. Beyond the fish, bird, and mouse, there's a robot and even a decapitated Marie Antoinette.

Baconfish by hamburgerpanda [food art]

Hamburgerpanda on Etsy describes this print of the baconfish as so: "This is the fish that bacon would come from, if bacon came from fish." 25 bucks!

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