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Mid-90s Dairy Education: Milk Is Word [video]

This pseudo-educational video on the dairy industry from the mid-90s, re-edited by the fine folks at Everything Is Terrible, includes pretty much everything you'd expect from such a thing: a laugh track, hideous denim, crazy neon effects, a rap about the positive effects of drinking milk, cameos by Joey Lawrence and Gary Busey, a dance [...]

'Wanna Lose Fat?!' Glitch Video from Everything Is Terrible

This glitch video reworking of a 1980s fat-fighting infomercial from Everything Is Terrible takes a little bit to get rolling, but once it does, it enters a mind-melting, transcendental territory.
Somewhat similar to the Sandra Lee Seizure-Inducing Glitch Video (at least in spirit), but just way more bizarre.

Vintage Chocerotic Video [chocolate]

This vintage video extolling the virtues of chocolate comes to us via Everything is Terrible. Remeniscent of The Original VIDEO PIZZA in spirit but not intention, this video treads the line between brilliant and creepy, and is oddly poetic:
There's something in chocolate that makes one want to have a lot. And when the last bit [...]

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