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'I Got You Something' by Arend deGruyter-Helfer

The above piece "I Got You Something" by Arend deGruyter-Helfer is a whole bunch of Facebook gifts arranged in a pile. Definitely check out the larger version. [via today and tomorrow]

The 'One Million Strong for the Restoration of William Grimes' Facebook Group

Leave it to The Gurgling Cod to start up the Facebook group "One Million Strong for the Restoration of William Grimes." Says Fesser:
William "Biff" Grimes used to be the restaurant critic for the Times. His reviews were informative and entertaining. Then he was replaced by a guy whose reviews were neither. Bring back Biff!
We're waiting [...]

The Popularity of Foods on Facebook [stats]

Techcrunch reports on the top five fan pages on Facebook:
1. Barack Obama (4,544,050 fans)
2. Coca-Cola (2,286,085 fans)
3. Homer J Simpson (2,230,644 fans)
4. Nutella (2,109,429 fans)
5. Pizza (2,050,050 fans)
We looked up more food-based fan pages on Facebook:

Bacon has 79,805 fans,
durian has 31,263 fans,
Shkembe Chorba (a traditional Bulgarian tripe soup) has 4,172,
balut has 1,204 fans,
and poor [...]

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