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Disguising a Restaurant's Health Department Rating

New York City restaurants will be required to publicly post health inspectors’ cleanliness ratings, using signs supplied by the city. How long until a restaurant pulls this stunt? [via]

Sur La Table's Onion Goggles Are Ridiculous [gift fail]

This is just stupid. Sur La Table sent out an email yesterday where they imply that onion goggles, a $22 piece of padded plastic that hooks over your ears, are a legitimate Christmas present.
Onion goggles are not a legitimate object, let alone Christmas present. The only acceptable reason to wear protective eyewear in the [...]

24 Hour Fail #2

Spotted in Manhattan, NY. Thanks Emily!
Earlier: 24 Hour Fail #1

$3 Cheeseburger Fail


24 Hour Fail

Spotted in Brooklyn, NY. Thanks Emily!

How To Disguise a Restaurant's "C" Health and Sanitation Rating

The restaurant gets an "A" for effort. From FAIL Blog

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