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The Year in Food Blog-to-Book Deals [2009-orama]

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Food blogs have been around for a good decade, at least, and food books have been around, well, pretty much forever, but it seems that it's this year that the dead-tree guys finally started paying serious attention to the smart writers, great photographers, and charming home cooks who happily toiled away on their [...]

McDonald's Portugal Rips Off Fancy Fast Food

McDonald's in Portugal is such a big fan of Fancy Fast Food — the blog that takes basic items from fast food restaurants and styles them to look like haute cuisine — that they're totally ripping it off in a nationwide contest, "Desafio Gourmet," or "Gourmet Challenge."
Update: Erik R. Trinidad, the creator of, [...]

Fancy Fast Food on Nightline [video]

Nightline last night ran their segment featuring Erik Trinidad of Fancy Fast Food. With the assistance of Andrew Knowlton of Bon Appetit, they transformed a meal from Wendy's into a chicken mole that Knowlton calls "better than airplane food."
When asked if he ever wants to cheat, Trinidad responds, "Well, where's the integrity?"

Fancy Fast Food Offered a Book Deal

There have been many website-to-book deals, and it looks like we'll soon be able to add Fancy Fast Food to the list. Fancy Fast Food, the white-hot Tumblr blog that conducts extreme makeovers of fast food to make it fancy-looking, that only has five posts, tweeted that they were offered a book deal from HarperCollins. [...]

Extreme Makeovers of Fast Food: 'Fancy Fast Food'

Fancy Fast Food (tagline: "Yeah it's still bad for you — but look how good it can look!") is a project that tears down fast food and rebuilds it, making it look like fancy restaurant food, complete with instructions. For example, they turn a Croissan’wich and Biscuit from Burger King into a BK Quiche and [...]

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