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Edible Purses for On-The-Go Snacking [ads]

Photographs: I Believe In Advertising
Ladies, you like fashion, right? Well, has Italy's VitaSnella brand got the snack for you! Vitasnella, a subset of Dannon with a healthy-but-still-tasty vibe, has these ads for its Fruit Cracker line, which are apparently some sort of fruit-filled diet cracker thing. The Italian translates to, "The good of fruit, always [...]

'Cake' Fashion Video [food art]

Still via today and tomorrow
Cake is a fashion video — a sort of long form commercial, but artier — directed by Stephen Blaise for Fly 16x9. The 20 minute long videos (which are cut from a 4 hour and 18 minute installation piece) feature models wearing designer clothing meticulously devouring entire cakes. The videos comment [...]

The Ampersandwich T-Shirt

Food meets typography meets fashion in Simplebits' Ampersandwich T-shirt: "A super-soft, 'Tri-Blend' t-shirt in espresso brown from American Apparel, printed with everyone’s favorite logogram (set in Knockout’s Ultra Sumo weight).' $22 at Simplebits.

Cupcake Dress 'With Sprinkles and a Cherry on Top'

Some might argue that this is in fact not a dress, but instead a tunic, shirt, or blouse. But someone, somewhere, is paying a woman to live out this cupcake fetish. $175 on Etsy.

A Meat-Filled Fashion Show From Russia's Favorite Steakhouse

As part of the campaign "Eat your steak. Be a man," the Russian Goodman Steak House restaurant mini-empire hosted a fashion show with clothing, shawls, scarves, necklaces, and handbags all made out of real, raw meat. has a whole lot of photos of the fashion show, but to see the meat fashion in [...]

Food Art: 'Eat the Art' Group Exhibit at BHCC in Boston

Photographs: Andrew Janjigian / Melissa Rivard for Eat Me Daily
Currently on display at the art gallery of the Bunker Hill Community College in Boston is the group exhibit "Eat the Art." The show brings together a metric tonnage of artwork on the theme of food as art, featuring pieces in a variety of media from [...]

Gummy Bear Jewelry from ROMEingPANDA Now on Sale

Photos: ROMEingPANDA
Here's a different way to get your bling on: ROMEingPANDA's gummy bear jewelry is finally on sale featuring a series of rings, necklaces, belts, bracelets, brooches, and pins, ranging from $100 to $160. Back in September we wrote about their sample jewelry made from actual, real gummy bears, but this is the official retail [...]

Johnny Cupcakes' Looney Tunes T-Shirts, a Half-Baked Collaboration

Photo via Johnny Cupcakes
This week, Johnny Cupcakes, the Boston-based streetwear designer whose store is designed to look like a bakery, launched a collaboration with Warner Bros, mixing together his signature baked goods with Looney Tunes characters. The four t-shirts feature Daffy Duck about to assault Elmer Fudd with a rolling pin, Foghorn Leghorn mixing [...]

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