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'Pepto Dismal' by Jeff McMillan at Last Rights Gallery NYC

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Opening Saturday September 12th at the Last Rights Gallery in New York City is the exhibit "Pepto Dismal" by Jeff McMillan that offers a sinister vision of fast food icons. Note that their names are written backwards.

The Quadruple Down Sandwich

We were reminded that we never actually posted about Insanewiches, the website that blurs the lines between art, cultural commentary, and general gross-out food creations.
Case in point: If KFC is going to make a Double Down Sandwich, why the fuck not make The Quadruple Down Sandwich?
Someone just give them a book deal please.

The KFC Double Down Sandwich Uses Chicken Patties Instead of Buns

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The Double Down Sandwich is apparently an actual product at KFC: pepper jack cheese, Swiss cheese, and bacon smothered in the Colonel’s Sauce, using two Original Recipe Filets instead of buns. Foodgeekery has photo proof of it.
It's almost too crazy to be real — it's either an elaborate prank or corporate imagination run [...]

New Hampshire Hospital Bans Fried Food Because It's 'Bad For You'

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The smarty pants at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) in Lebanon, New Hampshire, have nixed fried foods in favor of healthier options for both staff and patients.
Neighboring West Lebanon Hospital resident John Hughes thinks the fried food ban is a good idea, stating, “People have been eating fried food for years, and they [...]

Baked's Matt Lewis: It's Hip to Be Chick-Fil-A

Photo: wsacc/Flickr

From time to time we like to know what's going on inside the heads of the people who actually make the news in the world of food. Here, Matt Lewis of New York's famed Baked bakery (and author of the cookbook of the same name) weighs in on his curiosity — and frustration — [...]

Digital Big Mac Signals the End of Photography

This video of a Big Mac, fries, and soda, starts out like food porn — sumptuous photography, shallow depth of field, etc. — but like in the Matrix, the simulation starts to break down, revealing that the fast food is entirely digitally rendered.
It was easier to make the video using computers than shooting it live. [...]

Extreme Makeovers of Fast Food: 'Fancy Fast Food'

Fancy Fast Food (tagline: "Yeah it's still bad for you — but look how good it can look!") is a project that tears down fast food and rebuilds it, making it look like fancy restaurant food, complete with instructions. For example, they turn a Croissan’wich and Biscuit from Burger King into a BK Quiche and [...]

The BeltzBib: The Drive-Thru Fast Food Bib [actual product]

The BeltzBib: Fill Your Fat Face While Driving, No Stains!
At first glance, The BeltzBib seems to solve one of life's major dilemmas: How do we keep our clothes clean while stuffing our faces with drive-thru while we're in the car? It goes so much further than the obvious solution of a mere bib — this [...]

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