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Eat Like A Man, But Don't Get Fat

Photograph: Melissa Maples
On the heels of Esquire's meat and chili-filled "Eat Like a Man" section comes this story by Zach Weisberg about how obese people face job discrimination, and how some companies are offering incentives for employees to slim down.
Practicing outright fat discrimination is deplorable no matter who you are, but this can be [...]

Might as Well Be Barefoot and Pregnant: Women at the Beard Awards

The theme of this year's James Beard awards gala is "Women in Food." The gala, it's worth noting, is not the awards ceremony — it's the post-ceremony tasting reception, in which black-tie-clad winners and losers mingle with paying-ticket plebes and starstruck food journalists to fight over bite-sized skewers of foie gras, and cluster around [...]

Ordering Dessert Isn't an Indulgence [rants]

Photo by musicpb
Sadie over at Jezebel is really tired of restaurant servers pretending to conspire with her about ordering dessert:
Trying to "tempt" me or winkingly insinuate that there's something naughty about getting a piece of cake or generally carrying on as though we're somehow putting something over on someone by having a sweet is offensive. [...]

Mark Bittman on The Joy Of Cooking [Sexism]

Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything is up there on my shelf with a handful of others in my "cookbooks that cover it all" section. It's also now ten years old, and — as with most cookbooks that stay in print that long — it's been revised and reissued as an anniversary edition. Bittman is [...]

Observation: Katie Lee Joel Just Might Be a Moron

Katie Lee Joel has been named the first food editor of Cosmo, and the elfin trophy wife has this to say:
"I'm so excited. When the magazine first started, they never would have had something about food, about women being in the kitchen. But we can have it all!"
We sure can, Katie Lee! Like, remember when [...]

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