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The National Baby Food Festival in Fremont, Michigan

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Look out, Aspen and South Beach: Fremont, Michigan, home of the Gerber Products Company, kicks off its National Baby Food Festival today. Events include competitive baby food-making and (our favorite) an adults-eating-baby-food contest in which two-person teams are blindfolded and forced to feed one another various fruit purees.
Beyond the requisite parades, beauty queens, [...]

Eating Appalachia: Food Festivals With Bite

Photo by Roadkill Cook-Off
When it comes to checking off everything on the list of foods to eat before you die, Mountain Cookery poses a harder problem than most. In this third installment (check out parts one and two), exploring Appalachian cuisine, Eat Me Daily’s Kathleen Willcox looks at the intersecting paths of food festivals and [...]

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