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Stretchy Squid Face on I Survived a Japanese Game Show [video]

The challenges on the TV show I Survived a Japanese Game Show are normally innocent if somewhat demeaning affairs, but last night's episode had an exceptionally gross challenge: "Stretchy Squid Face." The contestants had to rip off the heads and legs off of raw giant squid with their bare mouths while wearing pantyhose over their [...]

White Castle's Pig Stripper Commercial for BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders [video]

Here's the commercial for White Castle's BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders featuring a stripper / burlesque dancer dressed in a pig costume that gets doused in barbecue sauce from above as part of the dance routine.
This commercial is kind of a surprising display, referencing plushophilia or furry fetishes as well as wet and messy fetishism [...]

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