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Eight Deep-Fried Turkey Disaster Videos [you're doing it wrong]

Under the sparkle and shine of every holiday lurks a certain amount of evil: The 4th of July has fireworks accidents, Christmas has decorative light electrical fires, Valentine's Day has awkward romantic gestures. Thanksgiving should be safe, apart from the inherent danger of simply being around your relatives for a full day. Safe, that is, [...]

Meat! and Fire! at Primal Napa Valley [events]

Photographs: Cammie Nguyen / Eat Me Daily
Primal, an event celebrating "fire cooking, meat, and the art of butchering," certainly held up to its promise at Chase Cellars at Hayne Vineyard in St. Helena, Napa Valley yesterday. Two stages shared the spotlight at Primal: the first was a structure built to hang a cow section, the [...]

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