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'Make Something Cool Everyday' by Brock Davis [food art]

Brock Davis. Clockwise from top left: "Grand Prix Gold Milk Jug," "Partially Eaten Turkey Sandwich on Wheat Award," "Community Service," "Cup Lid Faces." Photos by permission.
The Minneapolis-based artist and designer Brock Davis uploads a new piece of artwork — encompassing illustration, sculpture, and photography — every day to his Flickr set as part of his [...]

The 'Sarah Connor Made Me Do It!' Campaign

"Sarah Connor Made Me Eat at Burger King" by cinebo
In an attempt to get the TV show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles renewed for next season, Gawker Media's science fiction blog io9 started the "Sarah Connor Made Me Do It" campaign, a Flickr group where people post pictures of themselves with products that sponsored the [...]

The 'Hardcore Meat Photography' Group on Flickr

German sausage by rdbeerd
There are so many weird and silly groups on Flickr, but the Hardcore Meat Photography definitely caught my eye. [via]

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