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Flight of the Conchords Season Finale [video]

The season finale of Flight of Conchords aired Sunday night, and we're sad that it was only ten episodes long. Here are a couple of clips from the show: one of Bret and Jemaine waking up at 11:30 in the morning and banging on stuff in their apartment to make music, the other of "Petrov, [...]

'Happy Dance' Karaoke Song from Flight of the Conchords [video]

From the latest episode of Flight of the Conchords comes the "Happy Dance" song sung by Brett, Korean karaoke-style. We checked and can confirm that the lyrics are more or less correctly translated: "Sometimes love is as / sweet as kalibi (beef delicacy) / Sometimes the taste is likened / the milk of a [...]

Flight of the Conchords: 'Hurt Feelings' [video]

From Flight of the Conchords comes the rap song, "Hurt Feelings," about "true stories, real experiences — an autobiographical rap." Quote:
I make a meal for my friends / try to make it delicious / try to keep it nutritious / create wonderful dishes / not one of them thinks about the way I feel / [...]

'Sugar Lumps' by Flight of the Conchords [video]

Flight of the Conchords is back! Season two, episode two featured their song, Sugar Lumps: "All the ladies they want / A taste of my sugar lumps."

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