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Food-Inspired Typefaces by HandMadeFont

This is really great: HandMadeFont is an Estonia-based design company that makes typefaces out of everyday objects like fur, fire, thread, post-it notes, and pine needles.
And food. Lots and lots of food: ice, waffles, ground meat, cookies, french fries, ketchup. coffee beans, red peppers, cheese, toast, caviar.
Because they're photo-based, the files they offer are not [...]

Typeface Made From Splashing Milk

This typographical poster by Jónas Valtýsson uses a typeface created by photographing splashing milk. Lactose intolerant typesetters beware. [via Cakehead Loves Evil]

Food-Inspired Typefaces by Vetteletters

Yesterday MyFonts, the online purveyor of fonts, started selling the food-based typefaces of Vetteletters, the type foundry by Dutch designer Donald® aka Donald Roos. The above treatment uses the typeface VLNL Sardines, only $35!

VLNL Bint: Donald made this typeface with ten kilos of fresh Bintje potatoes — the most popular potato for french fries [...]

The Toast Font, by Radomir Tinkov

[Behance, via]

The EatStreet Font, a Font Made Out of Food [video]

Check out the EatStreet font, a font built entirely out of food, using fruit, vegetables, meat, noodles, and even kimchi. Made by the Chank Company, a Minneapolis-based type house, the download even comes with a folder of full-color food-letter jpegs to design with. There's even a video documenting part of the process.

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