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Red Bull Art of Can Exhibit

"The Giant Octopus," Zac Little.

Killer Alinea Video

Here's a video shot at Alinea in Chicago that was filmed as the introduction to the Tokyo Taste Summit in early 2009. No words, no descriptions, just dishes being prepared. Some really gorgeous macro photography alongside a great score.

Color-Correcting Discodips [video]

Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug spent over nine hours "color-correcting" (aka sorting) one kilograms of discodips (aka sprinkles). Engelberts and Plug were also responsible for that hit video of melting chocolate bunnies. Here's a short time-lapsed, edited video of their hard work:

MOM & POPism Installation in New York City

Photographs: Raphael Brion

On Saturday we checked out the MOM & POPism installation on the rooftop of Gawker's HQ in New York. 16 graffiti artists were invited to do their work over life-size replicas of photographs from the "Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York" exhibit at the Clic Bookstore & Gallery, the photographic survey [...]

Burton Morris Pop-Tarts Paintings at Hamilton-Selway Fine Art in Los Angeles

Photographs via
Currently on display at the Hamilton-Selway Fine Art gallery in Los Angeles are a series of Pop-Tart paintings by pop artist Burton Morris. The originals were commissioned by Kellogg's for the 45th anniversary of Pop-Tarts, but Giclee prints are available for $600.

The Original VIDEO PIZZA: A One Hour Hypnotic Montage of Spinning Pizzas

Here's the trailer to the hour-long The Original VIDEO PIZZA (love the vintage website). Sort of like a video fireplace or video aquarium, instead it's just lots of pizzas spinning, spinning hypnotically, using music from "various instructional videos we got at the library."
It's a "one of a kind way to spend the evening! A [...]

Good Enough to Eat: Paintings by Nouar [food art]

Left: “What a tomato." Right: "My Melty Friend." Photos by permission.

"Mother's Little Tater Tots," Nouar. Image courtesy of Jonathan LeVine Gallery
Nouar is a Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator who takes inspiration from classic animation, Americana, and vintage advertising. Brightly- and colorfully-painted, featuring anthropomorphized edible characters, her work carries a sometimes dark and subversive undertone [...]

Sound-Activated Dancing Pork Chop [video]

From Joan Healy comes this video of a sound-activated dancing pork chop. Similar to those animatronic dancing Santas, in this case "dancing" might be a generous term — it's more of a jerky, mechanical squirming. But either way, it's a totally bizarre art piece displaying a Frankenstein-like reanimation of a slab of meat, responding quite [...]

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