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Mona Lisa Made from 3,604 Coffee Cups

Photo via Gilles Gravier on Flickr
Back in July, at the Aroma Festival at The Rocks in Sydney, Australia (an annual coffee festival), organizers used 3,604 cups of coffee — four shades using different amounts of coffee and milk — to make a replica of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Here's a stop-motion video showing the [...]

Mobile Gardens and Luxury Compost at "Black Gold" by Tattfoo Tan [food art]

Currently on display at the Bronx River Art Center in New York City is the exhibition "Black Gold" which includes an installation by Tattfoo Tan, a self-described "community based intervention artist." "Black Gold" is part of his S.O.S. project (Sustainable. Organics. Stewardship.), a year-long horticulture and cultivation project, in which he "engages deeply in [...]

X-Ray McSupersized Toy by Ron English

Ron English made these X-ray portly Ronald McDonald collectible toys as a follow-up to the sculptures recently displayed in Milan. Out of stock for the moment, they were on sale at the Japanese online retailer Zozotown for ¥8,400 (~$88). The semi-translucent shell comes off to reveal a glow-in-the-dark skeleton:

Epic Hoarding: "Waste Not" by Song Dong at the Museum of Modern Art

"Waste Not," Song Dong, 2005.
Currently on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City is the installation "Waste Not" by the Beijing-based artist Song Dong. A collaboration conceived of with his mother, Zhao Xiangyuan (1938-2009), the installation consists of the complete contents of her home, amassed over fifty years, including the wooden [...]

Banksy 'Donuts' Prints on Sale

Photo via
The gallery Pictures on Walls has just made available 30 x 22 inch prints of Banksy's "Donuts," which recently debuted at his Bristol City Museum exhibit. Only 598 copies are available — 299 each of chocolate and strawberry flavors — through a lottery that runs through Tuesday at noon. Whether you're a cop [...]

Parodies of Snickers Ads by Olde English

Photo via
The sketch comedy group Olde English posted a series of brilliant parodies of Snickers ads. Photoshopped or real-life vandalism, doesn't really matter.
[via The Daily What]

Human Slaughterhouse to Feed Pigs: 'Foodmaster' by Atelier Van Lieshout

"Foodmaster," Atelier Van Lieshout, 2009. Photos: Eveline van Egdom, via
In the installation "Foodmaster" by art/design firm Atelier Van Lieshout, a slaughterhouse works in reverse — here, humans are slaughtered to feed the pigs. It's part of the ongoing "Foodprint. Food for the city." program in The Hague, Netherlands, a two-year series of exhibitions, [...]

The Cloud Project: Food Truck Makes Ice Cream-Flavored Snow

Photo via hayeon on Flickr
The Cloud Project is a food truck that uses cloud-seeding technology to make ice cream-flavored snow. Completely conceptual, this project by Zoe Papadopoulou and Cathrine Kramer is part of the 2009 Design Interactions Show at the Royal College of Art.
How it should work: A canon mounted on top of the ice [...]

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