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London Skyline Recreated With Fruit and Vegetables

Back in November, Carl Warner (responsible for many of the foodscape photographs you may have come across) was commissioned by the Good Food channel in the UK to make an edible version of the London skyline. The Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral, and the Gherkin all get the [...]

Ben & Jerry’s 'Peace Dance Art' by Natalie Kovacs at Art Basel Miami Beach

"Peace Dance Art," Natalie Kovacs. Photograph kindly provided by Jorge Rivas.
Corporate and art synergy! Ben & Jerry’s teamed up with Morgans Hotel Group and Interview Magazine to bring "Peace Dance Art" to Art Basel Miami Beach this year with a "dance intervention" by public performance art curator Natalie Kovacs. Several hundred ice cream lovers [...]

'Corner Store' by Okay Mountain at PULSE at Art Basel Miami Beach

"Corner Store" by Okay Mountain. Photograph: Elizabeth Jones / Eat Me Daily
A rising star at Art Basel Miami Beach, Okay Mountain, a collective of eleven young Austin-based artists, presented "Corner Store." Featuring a vast assortment of hilariously odd treats including Wolf Meat, Kool Zesty Ranch Zest and Craps Candy, the packaging brought to mind [...]

'Die Burger' by The Bruce High Quality Foundation at Art Basel Miami Beach

Photograph: Elizabeth Jones / Eat Me Daily
In the piece "Die Burger" by the Broooklyn-based artist collective The Bruce High Quality Foundation at Art Basel Miami Beach, the "meat" is made of felt, the "cheese" is lard, and the "buns" are from Burger King. The video on the screen is a reworking of the video of [...]

Aluminum Cupcakes by Timothy Thompson at Camper Contemporary at Art Basel Miami Beach

Photographs: Elizabeth Jones / Eat Me Daily
The cupcakes, by Timothy Thompson, are made of aluminum and bondo and are part of the Camper Contemporary exhibition, a mobile art gallery set up inside an altered 1967 Yellowstone camper.

Edible Doughnut Installation: Jennifer Rubell's 'Old-Fashioned' at Art Basel Miami Beach

"Old-Fashioned," Jennifer Rubell. Photographs: Elizabeth Jones / Eat Me Daily
Jennifer Rubell, who hosts an annual breakfast at Art Basel Miami Beach, presented the edible installation "Old-Fashioned," with 1,521 donuts hung in a grid formation on an 8-foot by 60-foot wall that visually evolves as people drop by and consume them. Using doughnuts of the same [...]

'Rotating Kitchen' by Zeger Reyers

The Dutch artist Zeger Reyers' installation "Rotating Kitchen" is a kitchen that rotates slowly and will continue to do so through February, its objects let loose in the containing cube. It's part of the program "Eating the Universe. Food in Art." at Germany’s Kunsthalle Düsseldorf that features a whole series of exhibits, performances, and lectures [...]

'Cuddly Rigor Mortis' by Kristin Tercek: Cute but Creepy

Kristin Tercek, "That Boy Sure Does Love His Butter," Photos by permission.
Plush doll creator-turned-painter Kristin Tercek is the New Jersey-based artist behind the series "Cuddly Rigor Mortis" that she describes as "bits of brutality smothered in a rich, creamy marshmallow sauce." Cute but creepy, Tercek's work combines a single "character" with varying themes, many [...]

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