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The Food Landscapes of Laura Miner's Photography [food art]

Laura Miner, "Twinkie," 2009, Photos by permission.
Boston-based artist Laura Miner photographs our most glutinous, mass-produced, and sugary indulgences, creating new and undiscovered perspectives. Using items such as Twinkies and Snowballs, Miner photographs the desserts as they were "assaulted and left to rot." Other work by the artist, such as her food landscape photos, are [...]

Melting Chocolate Ceilings at the Godiva Store in Japan

Photographs via
The Godiva Chocoiste store in Harajuku, Tokyo, designed by Wonderwall, has chocolate literally melting from the walls and ceilings. They write: "Wonderwall’s intention was to add a breath of fresh air to the more traditional image Godiva instill. The shop features humorous design details such as the 'melting chocolate' ceiling combined with [...]

'The Bacon Show' at the Mew Gallery in Philadelphia

"Mona Bacon," Mike Geno.

Bacon makes the big time with its own dedicated art show: Currently on display at the Mew Gallery in Philadelphia is "The Bacon Show," a group exhibit curated by Mike Geno (previously interviewed here on EMD). The exhibition, a celebration of "the glory of bacon in all its sizzling, savory goodness," [...]

'Pasta Sauna' by Marije Vogelzang at Performa 09

Photographs: Raphael Brion / Eat Me Daily
"Pasta Sauna" is the latest food art installation by Dutch “eating-designer" Marije Vogelzang that ran last week as part of Performa 09, the third edition of the biennial of new visual art performance in New York City. Similar in spirit to a regular sauna, but instead of hot [...]

The Confectionery Landscapes of Will Cotton's Art Comes to Life at Partners & Spade

Photograph: Adam Robb / Eat Me Daily
Yesterday was the first Sunday of Will Cotton's November residency at the New York City gallery-boutique Partners & Spade. Continuing for the next two Sundays (November 15th and 22nd), the artist will be baking and frosting cakes that serve as models in many of his paintings. Cotton literally [...]

Candy Art by Vanessa St. Laurent [food art]

Peeps, 20x40, 2006, Photo by permission.

Gummy Worms and Tums, 20x40, 2006, Photo by permission.
Massachusetts native and contemporary artist Vanessa St. Laurent paints candy (and only candy!) with the imagination of our most vivid childhood dreams. Working in oil on canvas, her creations are colorful, fun, and obviously delectable, swirling candy in a bevy of textures [...]

'Office Snack Gourmet' by Emilie Baltz [food art]

Twinkie Napoleon
"Office Snack Gourmet" is a series of recipes "designed to turn even the most disgusting of office snacks into delicious gourmet meals" by photographer/designer Emilie Baltz. Her name might be familiar: Back in June, she participated in the Jell-O Mold Competition in Brooklyn (her piece was a "life mold" of a right breast). Fascinated [...]

Designer 1800 Tequila Bottles

Images courtesy of 1800 Tequilla.
These vibrant and brilliant bottles from the second annual 1800 Tequila Essential Artist competition are a sight to behold. A limited series, eleven bottles designs were selected from over 15,000 online submissions along with one from Shepard Fairey's design firm Studio Number One as a special edition “celebrity artist” bottle.

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