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Upcoming: Collages by Barbara Weissberger at Dean Project

Photographs via
Opening Saturday, September 19th at the Dean Project in Long Island City, Queens, is the group exhibit "Mirror on Mirror Mirrored" which includes the epic meat collages of Barbara Weissberger. The show features pieces from her "RRSHK" series (as in Rorschach spelled for a vanity license plate), photo collages set against a mirrored [...]

Plate Repair and Reinvention by Lotte Dekker at 'Pioneers of Change' on Governors Island

Photographs: Raphael Brion
Last week we wrote about the "Go Slow Cafe" at the "Pioneers of Change" exhibit on Governors Island in New York City (that continues over the coming weekend, Fri-Sun), and here's something else we thought we should bring to your attention: Designer Lotte Dekker's ceramic work as part of Platform 21's "Repair house." [...]

A Rodent's View of a New York City Rose Garden by Will Ryman at Marlborough Gallery

Currently on display at the Marlborough Gallery in New York City is the exhibit "A New Beginning" by Will Ryman. Featuring approximately 40 sculptures depicting large roses in a garden populated with aphids, black flies, an an enormous bee, the installation also includes human detritus: cigarette butts, half-eaten pizza, hot dogs, a bag of potato [...]

Take the Strawberry Shortcut to a Pickle Surprise [video]

Just in case your day hasn't had enough bizarre, sparkly pickle-men in it, may we present to two works by Tom Rubnitz: Pickle Surprise and Strawberry Shortcut. Rubnitz was a video artist in New York in the 70s and 80s most famous for his work in the drag community. And these amazing "advertisements" for... well, [...]

A Different Kind of Slow Food at the 'Go Slow Cafe' in 'Pioneers of Change' on Governors Island

Photos: Raphael Brion
Opening this weekend on Governors Island in New York City is "Pioneers of Change," a festival of Dutch design, fashion, and architecture hosted in eleven abandoned former officers' houses as part of NY400, the celebration of the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's voyage to what would eventually become New Amsterdam. "Pioneers of Change" [...]

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge's '30 Years of Being Cut Up' Exhibit at Invisible Exports in NYC

Left: "English Breakfast," 2002-2009. Right: "Sunflowers," 2002. Photos via exhibition page (link nsfw)
On display from September 9 — October 13 at Invisible Exports in New York City is the exhibit "30 Years of Being Cut Up" (nsfw) by the avant-garde artist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, a retrospective spanning three decades of his collage work, photomontage, and [...]

Food Sculptures and Photography by Sarah Illenberger

Left: "Sweet Music." Right: "Trendgemuse," Sarah Illenberger for Neon Magazine. Photos by permission.
Sarah Illenberger is a Berlin-based freelance artist with a unique (and heavily food-themed) editorial portfolio whose work appears in newspapers and magazines such as the New York Times Magazine, Neon, and Vanity Fair. Illenberger uses a bevy of real and fabricated food items [...]

'Pepto Dismal' by Jeff McMillan at Last Rights Gallery NYC

Images via
Opening Saturday September 12th at the Last Rights Gallery in New York City is the exhibit "Pepto Dismal" by Jeff McMillan that offers a sinister vision of fast food icons. Note that their names are written backwards.

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