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Halloween Kids' Costumes in Food Network Magazine

In the latest issue of Food Network Magazine, there's a spread called "Good Eats, Great Costumes" that features kids' Halloween costumes designed by Amanda Kibler, the "single-person wardrobe department" for Good Eats with Alton Brown, complete with very detailed instructions. The impressive costumes — bacon, eggs, a slice of pizza, a cupcake, a small fries [...]

Get a Job: Features Editor at Food Network Magazine

Food magazines might be in trouble, but here's an open position at Food Network Magazine, and a pretty high-level one at that: Features Editor.
This is a magazine by the Food Network, not some fancy-pants high-level glossy with real journalism — the description even advises against "generic, dated freelance pitches about the farm-to-table movement." No, you'll [...]

Food Network Chefs in Pancake 'Art' from Food Network Magazine [not food art]

What Food Network Magazine is calling "Food Network Chefs in Pancake Art" doesn't fit into our category of what we'd call food art. The resemblances aren't even close, but hey, if you want to learn how to make some poor caricatures out of pancakes, the Food Network even made a handy how-to slide-show. We, however, [...]

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